Requirements for printing files:

File formats – ai / pdf / eps / psd / jpg (300dpi)
Bleed – 3 mm
Margin – 5 mm
Image resolution – 300+ dpi

What is printing bleed?

Any objects in your artwork that touch the edges of the document require bleed,
for instance a background colour or image should spread to cover the entire bleed area
as should any objects that creep in from the side of the page.

bleed of 3mm is commonly required. This 3mm accounts for each of the four sides of the page,
therefore you should add 6mm to the width and height of the document, for example:

A4 Paper = 210mm x 297mm
210mm + 6mm = 216mm
297mm + 6mm = 303mm
Total Document Size = 216mm x 303mm

In addition to bleed, you should also add a margin to the edges of the document
to avoid having your objects look as if they are about to fall of the page or
even worse actually get cropped off when the document is trimmed!
The amount of margin is personal preference,
but 3mm, 5mm or 10mm is usually used depending on the size of the overall design.

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